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Cream Vacuum Emulsification Blender

Two jacket structure .the inner deck is SUS316L,5mm thickness and polished in 300MESH.Middle deck is SUS304,4mmThickness and working pressure 0.3Mpa.

ZRJ-5OL Vacuum Emulsification Mixer

two jacket structure .the inner deck is sus316l,5mm thickness and polished in 300mesh.middle deck is sus304,4mmthickness and working pressure 0.3mpa. t…

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ZRJ-100L Cream Vacuum Emulsification Blender

outer dimension: main machine: 295021002120mm; the maximum lifting height: 2970.

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ZRJ-300L Vacuum Emulsification Mixer

outer dimension: main machine: 320025002250 mm; the maximum lifting height: 3200.

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ZRJ-500L Cream Vacuum Emulsification Blender

composition: main machine one set, oil tank one unit, water tank one unit, operation platform one set, 316l stainless steel for the inner material of m…

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Stainless Steel Mixing Tanker

3d精准预测最准牛材网this equipment uses for mixing and storing liquid or materials on traditional medicine, food and chemical in dusty. it can absorb the steam or cooling …

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Storage Tank

the storage varies from 1000-15000las for the store tank above 20000l, recommending the use of outdoor store tank, which is made of stainless steel sus…

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